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Smart Lighting

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ZGSM provides a total solution for intelligence street lighting system.

ZGSM street light intelligence system is made up by software, gateway, single light controller. The concentrator controller is installed in the distribution cabinet, the terminal controller is installed in the lighting terminal. It proceeds with communication via GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA wireless network or cable network & monitor center and proceeds with communication via ZIGBEE/PLC/LORA.

Smart Lighting

Gateway can control each single light controller via receiving, executing, forwarding PC management software ,which can control each lamp’s switching on /off or dimming ,then save electric energy. It can also monitor the lamps’ electric energy to achieve failure lamps function. Gateway can built-in DO to achieve street light loop control, it can connect with other equipment to collect local illumination, temperature and other information, feedback to PC management software and achieve to monitor the current information.

At present, all our series of LED street lights can be combined with the intelligence street lighting system..

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